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Porsche PDK Steering wheel 


The K-M-P 'plug and play' steering wheel kit for the new Porsche 991 and 981 is a new and innovative product for those with PDK transmissions.


The functions Sport+, Sport and PSM can be switched on or off from the steering wheel buttons.


A LED indicator bar gives you feedback if a function is activated.


There are three different LED intensities which you can set with the DIM switch.


The upper two switches are free to use for your specific application.


A special glow in the dark foil is applied for night usage.

You can take the steering wheel out of the car with a quick release adapter. A premium wire with autosport connector is used to connect the steering wheel to the hub. The complete plug and play wiring comes with a toggle switch which let you choose to use the steering wheel or the mid-console switches. The system is completely reversible with the original steeringwheel. The Porsche 997 and 987 steering wheel kit is also available.
OMP Targa 330mm steering wheel
Quick release adapter
Steering wheel plate with 6 switches and 2 paddles
Glow in the dark foil for function description
LED indicator bar with 4 LEDs
PCB-Module which communicates with the car ECU 
Porsche steering wheel hub with curly cable
Plug and play wiring harness with toggle switch
*991 GT3 model shown

KMP - PDK wheels in action


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