Fast and Accurate shifting

Fast and Accurate shifting

Reduced gearbox wear

Reduced gearbox wear

Throttle Body Blip

Throttle Body Blip

Precision engineered

Precision engineered

Shift Cylinder

Shift Cylinder

Gearbox or Shifter mounted

Gearbox or Shifter mounted



Porsche Paddleshift system


The K-M-P Paddleshift Porsche system is a high quality pneumatic system specially designed for Porsche. All the components are designed to fit directly into a Porsche 996/997 racing car with sequential transmission.


Over 300 systems installed world wide racing in everything from DE to professional endurance racing. 


Custom systems available for nearly every sequential transmission racecar. 


All systems for 2008+ Cup cars now can with throttle body mounted blipper included. 



Only K-M-P allows you to choose between gearbox mounted actuated shifting which entirely replaces the factory Porsche shift lever, cables and mechanics for the fastest shifting and lowest weight (Leverless system) or you may keep the factory shifter incab for redundancy (Lever system).




Why paddleshift?


KMP Paddleshift benifits are significant: 

  • Driver can completely focus on driving and doesnt need to worry about the clutch and gearlever.

  • Drivers hands stay on the wheel for ultimate car control

  • Clutch-less operation and auto-blip makes "heel and toe" unnecessary 

  • Improved gearbox life means lower cost of ownership - customers have seen a 50%+ increase in service life before needing a rebuild. Intergrated smart logic combined with system safety features allow precise shifting control.

  • "Plug and Play" system is a direct fit for the Porsche 997 with no extra engineering or custom installation work needed. 





Paddleshift Central Unit


  • GCU 

  • Three valves 

  • Pressure sensor

  • Pressure release valve

  • 650 CC accumulator

Paddleshift Compressor


  • New design for extreme conditions

  • Light weight

  • Easy to mount

  • High-spec

Paddleshift Paddle Assembly


  • Available in 3 different models

  • Easy to mount steeringwheel plate

  • Deutsch chassis connector

  • Can be adjusted to customer wishes •

  • Standard 4 button layout

Paddleshift Throttle Blipper
with special Porsche bracket


  • Push blip cylinder

  • Mounting bracket for throttle pedal or throttle body

Paddleshift Shift Actuator
for Porsche 


  • Special Porsche gearlever bracke

  • You choose: Gearbox actuated which removes shifter from the cabin or retain the factory shifter in car. 

High Spec wiringloom 



  • Plug and play Porsche loom

  • Can be adjusted to customer requirements

  • NO extra wiring needed 

Paddleshift System Installation and Tech Support 




Installation options:

- At Wright Motorsports facility in Cincinnati, OH. Natiowide logistics available

- Wright Motorsports can perform on your site installation of KMP systems

- Installation with an approved K-M-P installer

- Also available: At the track testing and set up with your team/crew




​For more information, please give us a call or send an email.

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